This is a discontinued program. It has not been worked on since April 2016.

The goal of this program was to give organizations I was part of (Gaming Knights, Polarity) a tool to manage their stream overlay for Smash tournaments.

As my Smash Bros. days are over, this program is no longer updated.

With the rise of, there are now plenty of overlay programs and software you can use these days, so this one in particular really isn't necessary anymore.

If you still want to download the program, links are still available below.



About & Features

AgnaPanel is program originally made to handle a Flash overlay for XSplit. Current versions consist of HTML using a canvas.

It can be used as a standalone text-control for OBS and XSplit's standard text fields via files or XML.

AgnaPanel vs Stream Control

AgnaPanel Stream Control
Customizable Program Layout
XML Output 1
JSON Output
Image Display
Player Swapping
1 Corrects issue in XSplit with empty fields returning XML

AgnaPanel Front End

Sample Image
  1. Agna button -- Displays if there are any updates
  2. Text field -- Input text and press Enter or Ctrl + S to update text
  3. Color switch -- Used to set colors on certain overlays
  4. Character Icons -- Used to change character on certain overlays
  5. Switch Players/Characters -- Switches name+score or characters
  6. Multi-scene File Switch -- Allows you to edit flash overlay styles per-file
  7. Character preview -- Shows character as they would appear on the overlay
  8. Special tabs -- Different sections that you may use less frequently
  9. Music -- Used to pull information from a program to push into th overlay
  10. Field manager -- Add/remove custom fields as well as get an ID for an existing field

Step-by-Step Guide for Simple Text Control

For XSplit and OBS

This guide is for setting up text control using AgnaPanel with XSplit and OBS' built-in text fields.

  1. Start AgnaPanel
  2. Go to Tools → Preferences
  3. Check "XML" if you're using XSplit; "Separate Files" if you're using OBS
  4. Adjust the path where you want the xml or separate files saved
    • For Agna overlays, the XML file should be saved in the same directory as the .html files
  5. Press Save

Continued instructions:

  1. Go into XSplit
  2. Add a text object
  3. Check "Use Custom Script" then click "Edit Script"
  4. Select "Load Text from Local File"
  5. Navigate to where you set your XML directory and select "agna-output.xml"
  6. Set "delimiter 1" as the id for the field you want (i.e. tournament is "<to>")
    • Hover over a text field to see its ID
  7. Set the closing delimiter for "delimiter 2" (i.e. tournament is "</to>")
  8. Change any other settings to tastes
  1. Go into OBS
  2. Add a text object
  3. Edit its properties
  4. Select "Use Text from File"
  5. The text files are saved based on the setting in Tools → Preferences
Pro-tip: You can use %id% variables to grab information from other fields

Technical & General Support

System Specs


Not so FAQ

  1. AgnaPanel keeps crashing!
    • The .agna (overlay) file may be corrupt. Try renaming it and relaunching
    • Reset your settings by deleting apconfig.xml. (It's in the same directory as the program)
  2. I did everything but it's still crashing!
    • Time to start fresh?
    • If you send me your .agna and apconfig.xml, I can look into a bug fix.
    • Stop messing with the files manually, if you're doing that.
  3. My overlay isn't updating
    • Try refreshing the browser in XSplit or CLR browser in OBS
  4. Where are my files saved?
    • Layout - Wherever
    • Config - Same folder as AgnaPanel executable as apconfig.xml
    • XSplit XML - Set in preferences
    • Per-field Text - Set in preferences
  5. What language is this programmed in?
    • Visual Basic
  6. Is this open source?
    • No, just because my code is ugly